Zoomation – A No Live Animal Zoo

3D Animals and Puppet Zoo Zoomation is a wonderfully new and innovative, animal-centered program featuring 3 dimentional animated animals that move, make sounds, answer questions, and more along with American Sign Language (ASL) animal signs, Songs with ASL, and stories with … Continue reading

Noteworthy Puppets

Noteworthy Puppets is set to elevate the puppet show art form with original puppet musicals performed live just for you with its debut product, Jack and the Beanstalk: The Puppet Musical.  Programs available for: Library Shows Preschool Shows Elementary School … Continue reading

Kinderwise Music Company

Bring and interactive musical stage production to your school for assemblies and family night programs.  Their assemblies teach health and nutrition, social skills, and character building through live music, skits, comedy, singing and dancing. Programs available for: Library Summer Reading … Continue reading

Annie Banannie

Annie Banannie’s Balloon Storytelling is a mash-up of comedy, storytelling, and balloon twisting that creates a very silly and interactive “Balloon Theater” experience for children.  Annie uses balloon twisting to create balloon costumes & props, audience actors, and goofy sound … Continue reading

Ken Frawley

Ken Frawley’s shows feature folktales and songs from all around the world. His engaging and energetic style, humor, and at times magic and puppetry bring to life a wide variety of international stories.  His programs and stories are adapted to … Continue reading

Cowboy Ken Frawley

Cowboy Ken provides children and family shows that are highly entertaining, educational, and engaging. All Cowboy Ken’s shows promote the Iconic American image of the American Cowboy through cowboy songs, stories, historical facts and the Old Western Art of Trick roping. All his … Continue reading

Arty Loon

A fun and entertaining children’s and family program with balloons, magic, juggling, and puppetry all packed into one high-energy and hilarious adventure. 2017 Library Summer Reading Shows: I-Mad-Generation – Arty takes you on a wild ride through a world of crazy … Continue reading


Clarence “CHAZZ” Ross will help everyone discover the Universal Rhythm through drums and percussion instruments!  CHAZZ guides audiences on a colorful safari with 20 African djembe volunteer drummers.  Everyone is fascinated by immediately creating jungle sounds and playing simple rhythms … Continue reading

Dave Kinnoin

Dave Kinnoin offers highly engaging children’s music programs ideal for: 2017 Library Summer Reading Show: Build with Rhythm – Veteran Muppets and Disney songwriter Dave Kinnoin arrives wearing his tool belt and carrying wood and his acoustic guitar.  He sings a … Continue reading

Joe Gandelman

Joe Gandelman the ventriloquist provides highly entertaining and participatory ventriloquism and puppet shows for audiences of all ages.  His comedy routines will have everyone laughing for the entire show.  Programs are available for: 2017 Library Summer Reading Theme: Building Fun … Continue reading

Best Bubble Learning

Bubble programs for fun and education. Programs ideal for: Library Shows Preschool Shows Elementary School Assemblies City and Community Events Learn the fun of science through soap bubbles. Our interactive show demonstrates soap film properties, square and triangular bubbles. For the … Continue reading

Luce Puppet Company

Hand and Rod Puppet Theater Elizabeth Luce presents delightful hand and rod puppet shows for families and children of all ages. All puppet shows are performed on a colorful, portable puppet stage which stands seven feet high by five feet square. … Continue reading

Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin has been a professional storyteller for over a decade, performing in libraries, schools, and community events all over California as well as overseas.  Using vibrant stories, children’s songs and even puppets, combined with her animated delivery, Rebecca’s storytelling … Continue reading

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith offers African Dance and Storytelling programs that demonstrate the richness of African dance, stories, and music.  Children and family audiences participate in this fun and engaging show that is ideal for libraries, preschools and at all city and … Continue reading

African Drum and Dance

African Dance and Percussion features the talents of Chazz Ross and Teresa Smith.  They bring to your library, school, preschool or community event a high energy and very participatory drum and dance program complete with costuming and drums.  It features … Continue reading