Performer Participation

To Participate as an Artist, Presenter, or Performer

  1. You must be able to demonstrate your qualifications. These include
    1. Three letters of reference from libraries, schools, preschools, cities.  You can also get an artist who is on the site to recommend you as well.
    2. Let us know if you are on or have been on an arts organization roster (IE Music Center, Center, etc.).
    3. Provide a history of programs to cities, libraries, preschools, etc.
    4. Describe for us the programs you do, themes, content, your art, performing, or presentation form.
    5. Provide website and face book information.
  2. If you can provide some or all of the above then Contact Us with your request to participate and attached the requested information.  We will then send you out our artist requirements for code of conduct and professionalism.
  3. If you can’t meet all our requirements you can still Contact Us as there are other things you can do including an audition for a Library District, a show we arrange for you to have an acceptance panel go and judge your show.
  4. We reserve the right to choose all the categories that any artist is listed under after we have reviewed your application to participate.
  5. We reserve the right to cancel any artist on the site with a failure to meet our code of conduct or professionalism requirements.  These will be provided on a separate email upon your request to participate.
  6. All application fees are waved with participation in each year’s Library and City Directory or with our School Assemblies Directory. For more information on Advertising Opportunities for all participating artists.

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