Dennis Forel – Balloon Artist

This program touches on origami, caricature, proportions, measurements, physics, zoology, and paleontology all while being amazed by fascinating balloon creations and stories.   More Information      Video Demonstrations   … Continue reading

Rene’s Marionettes


Rene’s Marionettes – Variety in Miniature This is a family friendly show that features an assortment of unique marionettes appropriate for audiences of all ages.  From dancing monkeys to singing cikenst to a balloon-blowing clown, these delightful characters are guaranteed … Continue reading

Nick and Jen Show

children's music, Nick and Jen

Let’s Get Moving with Nick & Jen Nick and Jen get children up and moving their bodies in enriching and imaginative ways as the children fly like Super Kid, crawl like a spider, go riding on a train, and go … Continue reading