Cowboy Ken Frawley

Cowboy Ken provides children and family shows that are highly entertaining, educational, and engaging. All Cowboy Ken’s shows promote the Iconic American image of the American Cowboy through cowboy songs, stories, historical facts and the Old Western Art of Trick roping. All his shows not only require that children and adults participate as they will clap-along, laugh-along, sing-along, trick rope-along, but also get actively involved with his stories, cattle drives, historical facts, and trick roping (one of the children actually gets roped with and old and very funny Will Rogers trick called the Flying Loops).  Programs are ideal for schools, preschools, libraries, family fun nights, fairs, festivals, roaming, and more.

  • Cowboy Summer Reading Themed Shows Each year. Cowboy Ken brings to life the Old West art of trick roping, cowboy songs, pioneer stories, and lots of opportunities for his “partners” to join in the fun!  Meet his horse Marshmallow and dog Dusty in this exciting and interactive cowboy show right from the pages of library books.
  • Libarary Shows – Children and adults will sing along, clap along, laugh along, and interact with Cowboy Ken on and off the stage.  This high energy and extremely engaging show brings to life the American Cowboy, the image of America to the world.  Ideal for American heritage presentations, Presidents Day programs, old west presentations, multi-cultural presentations, national library week, book week, and more.
  • Preschool Cowboy Show – This show, for younger children, features interactive stories, traditional trick roping, on and off stage audience participation and old west stories that feature a large puppet that will either be The Great White Bear (a large polar bear puppet) and a cowboy tale a fishing contest, or Marshmallow (a big white horse puppet) and a story based on a native southwestern tale dealing with fears. Depending on the age of the audience a visit from Brer Rabbit in a version of the “Tar Baby” story may also happen.
  • School Assembly Programs – The American Cowboy school assembly program, for K-8th grades, brings to life one of the most Iconic images of America to the world – the Cowboy from 1865- 1890.  It includes historical information, Mexican and Spanish Roots, authentic cowboy songs from the late 1800’s, trick roping, and cowboy stories that reflect their life and times.
  • City and Commuinty Events: Cowboy Ken offers a highly engaging, entertaining, and informational American Cowboy show that will capture the imaginations of audiences from children to adults as they sinig along to old cowboy songs, laugh at old cowboy stories, “wow” at historical inforamtion, and be amazed at a live demonstration of the Old West Art of trick roping.
  • Roaming Trick Roper – Cowboy Ken provides trick roping fun to fairs, festivals, and other events looking for a roaming trick roper or a show and trick roping combination type of program.  Roaming entertainment will have Cowboy Ken performing a wide variety of tricks, will have children and adults alike trying to spin authentic trick ropes, as well as children standing inside loop spins, and a flying loop spin that ties up one child at a time.  He also engages adults in conversations about the Old West and their cowboy or trick roping stories.

For over 25 years, hundreds of thousands of children and adults have enjoyed all these benefits from a Cowboy Ken program:

  • Great kids and family entertainment
  • Age appropriate programming for your audience
  • Lots of audience interaction on and off the stage
  • A show full of songs, stories, puppetry, historical information
  • Trick Roping demonstration – a rare program to find anywhere today
  • A flexible cowboy show provider – offering shows and roaming entertainment
  • Affordable pricing
  • Dream Shaper Performer Seal of Excellence – if your audience does not like the show it’s FREE

Call Dream Shapers (888) 499-1270 or visit Dream to book or for more information.

For More Information              Cowboy Ken’s Video Demonstrations

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