Buster Balloon

What is The Buster Balloon Show?  It is a wild and wacky mix of side splitting comedy, mind boggling magic, and the most amazing balloon twisting you have ever seen!  All performed by that lovable human cartoon character, Buster Balloon. Programs available for:

  • Library Shows including new Summer Reading shows each year
  • Preschool Shows
  • Elementary School Rewards Assemblies
  • City and Community Events

Buster’s comedy balloon twisting is a show for the entire family, guaranteed to have both kids and adults rolling in the aisles with laughter.

And even better, Buster Balloon has themed programs to suit the needs of any event:

Buster Balloon’s Comedy Balloon Twisting with a Workshop.  The only thing better than getting a balloon, is making one yourself.  And in this 90 minute program, that is exactly what your kids will do!  The fun starts with a short comedy balloon show to get the kids warmed up and ready to twist their own balloons.  Next, Buster Balloon teaches each child how to twist a dog, a sword, and a hat, then turns them loose to make a wild and wacky creation of their very own!  This program is perfect for After School Programs, Day Camps, Libraries, Girl Scout Troops, Boy Scout Troops, Boys and Girls Clubs, and even Family Fun Nights!

Buster Balloon’s Halloween SPOOK’tacular  Warning: Buster Balloon’s Halloween SPOOK’tacular has been proven to cause hysterical fits of laughter in children, adults, and in some cases even teenagers.  It has also been known to draw inordinately large audiences, close to or exceeding maximum seating capacities as prescribed by local authorities.Buster Balloon’s Halloween SPOOK’tacular is a 45 minute family show filled with creepy comedy, spooky magic, and monstrous balloon creations guaranteed to have your little monsters howling with laughter and screaming with delight!


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