Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith offers African Dance and Storytelling programs that demonstrate the richness of African dance, stories, and music.  Children and family audiences participate in this fun and engaging show that is ideal for libraries, preschools and at all city and community events. Teresa’s programs are available for:

Dancer, choreographer, instructor and performer, Teresa Smith has been studying dance from the tender age of seven. Teresa honors her ancestry through dance. She mastered the intricate techniques of African dance under famous instructors from Senegal, Guinea, Cameroon, and the Congo.  As a dance choreographer, performer, and aficionado, Teresa shows that African dance is among the most stylized and complex art forms in the world.  However, as Teresa performs the dances, she simplifies each of the movements by explaining them within the stories that she tells.  In her programs EVERYONE gets to participate and become a successful African dancer!

This African dance program is great for all ages – from preschool to adult.  Teresa modifies the dances to fit the age of the audience.

Having studied intensively multiple forms and styles of dance, Teresa has performed with the likes of MC Hammer, Sheila E, Akon, Shakira and Le Ballet de Kouman Kele.


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