Dave Skale the Magician

Dave’s magic show features tons of audience participation, loads of laughs, and amazing magic.  A variety of themes are available with their own costumes and story lines.  He has many different themes to choose from and can provide roaming entertainment.  His magic is fun for audiences of all sizes and ages and can tailor a program to meet any theme or need. Dave’s programs are ideal for:

  • Library Summer Reading Programs Each Year Based on Theme – Magician Dave Skale is reading “How to Build the BEST Magic Show Ever!” Unfortunately, his rival, the evil “Bookworm”, has sabotaged his efforts.  How will Dave ever build his dream show now?  Perhaps the kids can help him craft the Greatest Magic Show Ever!
  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • Elementary School Assemblies
  • City and Community Events

For More Information               Watch Dave Skale’s Video Demonstrations

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