Ken Frawley

Ken Frawley’s shows feature folktales and songs from all around the world. His engaging and energetic style, humor, and at times magic and puppetry bring to life a wide variety of international stories.  His programs and stories are adapted to be age appropriate for his audiences. All his songs are fun and participatory.  He has programs for:

  • 2017 Library Summer Reading Shows: Ken & Friends by Design – Ken brings to life stories and songs that were written on the pages of books from hundreds of years ago, in a show designed to entertain, engage and amaze audiences.  Ken’s puppet friends along with the audience humorously help him share these tales throughout the show.
  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • Elementary School Assemblies
  • City and Community Events

For More Information                         Watch Ken Frawley’s Video Demonstrations

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