Dave Kinnoin

Dave Kinnoin offers highly engaging children’s music programs ideal for:

  • 2017 Library Summer Reading Show: Build with Rhythm – Veteran Muppets and Disney songwriter Dave Kinnoin arrives wearing his tool belt and carrying wood and his acoustic guitar.  He sings a cappella as he rhythmically builds a table with simple hand tools.  Songs collected from his 25 years as a worldwide volunteer builder are included with guitar accompaniment.
  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • City and Community Events

Dave Kinnoin is a nationally recognized children’s music artist and for over 30 years has been providing kids music shows and concerts to events across the United States.  His kids music programs always begin with a bang and keeps on poppin’!   Dave pours boundless energy and a sparkling love for kids into every song.  He and his audiences boldly dance in a world filled with gorillas and butterflies, stinky toes and runny noses, parents and siblings.  At a Dave Kinnoin concert kids audiences from preschools and libraries have a rousing good time.  He can even provide a band for larger concert performances!

Dave Kinnoin is one of the hardest-working artists in the children’s music business. As a Recording Artist on Song Wizard Records, he tours nationally to rave reviews and holds the coveted Parents’ Choice Gold Award.  He’s written hundreds of recorded songs for Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, The Muppets, and Henson Productions including some of the world’s most recognizable children’s songs.

For More Information        Watch Dave’s Video Demonstration – Coming Soon

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