Joe Gandelman

Joe Gandelman the ventriloquist provides highly entertaining and participatory ventriloquism and puppet shows for audiences of all ages.  His comedy routines will have everyone laughing for the entire show.  Programs are available for:

  • 2017 Library Summer Reading Theme: Building Fun Together with Joe & Friends – Joe Gandelman and his BIG cast of nationally performing puppet and dummy characters pack this show with laughs and interaction and prove fun is always better with friends.  Audience will learn trade  secrets of ventriloquism and puppetry.
  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • Elementary School Assemblies
  • City and Community Events
  • Fairs and Festivals

Joe Gandelman has done countless puppet shows in venues throughout the country.  His library puppet shows are famous for being fast-moving, with a BIG cast of high-visual wooden and puppet characters plus his famous lip sync number where Joe “throws” his voice into volunteers.  All of his shows are packed with laughs, quick segments, and character interaction.  Meanwhile, in his acclaimed school assemblies, Joe combines BIG LAUGHS with his increasingly famous Learning through Laughter® technique getting information across to students of ALL ages in an entertaining – and highly retaining – form.  He does elementary, middle, junior, and high school assemblies all over the country. He performs with his puppets at city events as a stage act or walk around entertainer.

He has performed on historical vaudevillian stages, at schools, private homes, fairs, festivals and even on boats.  A show may include “star” John Raven, the genie head-in-the box, and the grumpy bulldog, nervous turkey, or even a green Martian! Joe changes his “cast” from time to time and shows can also be bilingual, if requested.

Some of his puppets shows include:

  • Secrets of Ventriloquism
  • Anti-Drug and Anti-Tobacco Show
  • Pro-Reading
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Respect = No Teasing/No Bullying
  • Horton Hears a Ventriloquist


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