Luce Puppet Company

Hand and Rod Puppet Theater

Elizabeth Luce presents delightful hand and rod puppet shows for families and children of all ages. All puppet shows are performed on a colorful, portable puppet stage which stands seven feet high by five feet square. The puppet stage travels with a sound system, sets, curtains and lights. The show takes place about five feet off the ground, so everyone has a ringside seat.  All the hand and rod puppets are beautifully designed by Elizabeth.  Many of her puppets shows are based on famous tales including Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. Programming available for:

  • Summer Reading 2017: “Cinderella Builds Her Dream”  It’s the fairy tale you know and love, but turned on its head with an all-dog cast and do-it-yourself twist. Help Cinderella design and build her own way to her dream come true!  Handcrafted puppets, original stories, live, interactive performances, and child approved fun are all signature trademarks of a Luce Puppet Company show! All shows take place five feet off the ground, so everyone has a ringside seat!
  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • School Assemblies
  • City and Community Events

After earning an MFA from UCLA in set and costume design, Elizabeth worked as a professional theatre designer for over ten years. She has also worked as a graphic designer/illustrator. She has received awards for her design work in both fields, including an Emmy for her original children’s video, The Mousecracker, an all-mouse puppet version of Tchaikovsy’s The Nutcracker. She now works almost exclusively in puppetry. Puppets have always been a part of her life and she still has the first rod puppet she built when she was five..

What does a Luce Puppet Co. show cost? Performances vary in cost by event size and location, travel distance, and overnight costs when required. There are also discounts for multiple shows in the same location and on the same day.


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