African Drum and Dance

African Dance and Percussion features the talents of Chazz Ross and Teresa Smith.  They bring to your library, school, preschool or community event a high energy and very participatory drum and dance program complete with costuming and drums.  It features the rhythms, songs and dances of Africa. Children and adults will actively participate in dances and as part of an on-stage drum ensemble.  From the very start of any program the enthusiasm that these two artist put into their shows will have your audiences engaged and remain engaged for the entire show.  African Dance and Percussion can be performed as a library show, preschool show, and its educational content makes it an ideal multicultural dance and music school assembly program with hands-on student drumming and African dancing experiences.  Programs available for:

  • Library Shows
  • Elementary School Assemblies
  • City and Community Events

More Information                African Drum & Dance’s Videos

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