Pacific Animal Productions

For more than 25 years, Pacific Animal Productions has been dedicated to conserving wildlife and endangered species while educating people about the wonders of wildlife. We incorporate “edu-tainment” into our presentations to engage the audience and give them a safe environment to see, touch and learn about a variety of animals – monkey, fox, parrot, kinkajou, alligator, snake, bugs and more depending on what type of animal show you want.

Pacific Animal Productions brings their own zoological collection to your event and travels throughout the western states for school shows, grand events, fairs, movies and festivals with the goal of bringing animals and people closer together.  They will customize the program to meet your needs and theme.  Our programs are ideal for:

  • Library Summer Reading 2017 Theme: “The Building Blocks of Nature” – Animals are the building blocks of our natural world. Where an animal decides to hunt,    forage, grow its family and make its home has an effect on everything around them. Learn how animals build a strong foundation that helps everything around them.
  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • Elementary School Assemblies
  • City and Community Events

With 20 different themes available, we can fit into your curriculum and standards of learning.  Students will learn about animals, their environments, conservation and more in this interactive educational program.

For More Information      Watch Pacific Animal Productions’ Videos

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