Ranger Jack

Ranger Jack is dressed as a ranger and specializes in animal songs and stories children’s and family music and story concerts ideal for libraries, preschools, city and community events.  He uses a variety of animal puppets throughout his programs to entertain and instruct the audience about animals.  Sometimes he might even have a puppet assist him while playing the keyboard.  Programs are ideal for:

  • 2017 Summer Reading Show Theme: “A Musical Paintbrush” – Once again, Ranger Jack has designed a framework of highly interactive music and puppet performances that the children will truly enjoy. Performing on guitar and keyboard, he engages his audience with educational, uncommonly-catchy children’s songs. The kids will sing, dance, bunny-hop, mimic, call & respond, and hear captivating stories. Then, Ranger Jack’s hilarious animal-puppets will simply steal the show!
  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • City and Community Events

After more than 20 years as a music teacher, producer, and performer, Ranger Jack had a desire to bring his children’s music to audiences throughout Southern California.  Using fun interactive songs, stories and puppets, Ranger Jack engages audiences of all ages.  Since beginning his children’s music performing career in 2011, Ranger Jack has been booked all over Southern California at shopping centers, libraries, museums, preschools, summer camps and special events.

For More Information               Watch Ranger Jack’s Video Demonstrations

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