Michael Mezmer

Michael Mezmer’s passion is using his talents as a multiple award winning magician to not only entertain and amaze audiences, but to also help young people of all ages. During the winter season Michael tours to schools and libraries performing two unique specially designed magic shows. Each magic show targets important issues for both young readers and students.

For schools, Michael presents his “Brainstorm Magic Phenomena Show” focusing on helping students with confidence building, drug awareness, facing fears, and how to deal with bullying. Through exciting magic demonstrations, Michael creates an alternate learning experience that will inspire students of all ages.

For libraries, Michael presents a special version of his “BrainStorm” magic show  –  a magic show that is unlike any magic show you have ever seen.  Michael combines optical illusion, hypnotic suggestion, science, cutting edge magic, excellent audience participation and dynamic showmanship to create a totally unique magical experience for audiences of all ages.

Two very special magic shows presented by an award winning entertainer with one important goal – to uplift and inspire our future leaders.


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