Science on the Go

Science on the Go assemblies incorporate a 32-foot visual display with both live and preserved specimens for a unique hands-on learning science experience. Schools may select from 17 different science topics, and may schedule up to five one-hour presentations per school day for as many as 100 students per presentation session.  Hands-on display collections and activities are part of every assembly. Programs are ideal for:

  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • Elementary School Assembly Programs

Our programs are carefully crafted to ensure that science comes alive for every participant. Presentations are tailored appropriately for each grade level, ensuring that both the science curriculum and the vocabulary used follow grade level standards. Presentations incorporate all modalities of learning, calling on students to use their visual, auditory, and kinesthetic skills.

Since inception, Science on the Go has presented thousands of science programs at hundreds of public and private schools across Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. We have also served public libraries with our programs since 2007; and in 2012, we expanded our program offerings to include sessions tailored for public libraries, youth groups and municipal parks and recreation programs.

Interactive Programs Offered:

  • Earth science- volcanoes , fossil, rocks/ mineral
  • Life science- insects , spiders, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, sharks
  • Physical science- matter, magnetism , electricity
  • Biomes- rainforest, desert, prehistoric life
  • Red ribbon- healthy bodies healthy minds
  • Tobacco use prevention education- TUPE- oxygen matters

For More Information                Watch Science on the Go’s Video Demonstrations 

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