Christopher Yates

Christopher Yates does it all!   Juggler, stilt walker, unicyclist, storyteller, balloon twister – you name it and Christopher can probably do it!  No matter what the age, he wins everyone’s hearts.  From Library shows to roaming entertainment at fairs and festivals his juggling, stilt walking, uni-cycling, balloon twisting, and storytelling will enthrall, engage, and entertain audiences of all ages.  His programs are ideal for:

  • 2017 Summer Reading Shows: “Let’s Go Eco – Design a New Planet” – Christopher Yates, offers a range of unique original multi-disciplined programs that are educational, theatrical and entertaining.
  • Library Shows
  • Elementary School Assemblies
  • City and Community Events
  • Roaming Entertainment

Additional programs include: Rock & Roll Circus, Dinosaur Safari, High Seas Pirate Adventure, Lord Rusty’s Renaissance Art, and his latest  Let’s Go Eco – Design a New Planet, which follows the great Butterfly Migration.

Christopher is an international performance artist and comic actor with over fourteen years of full-time experience.  Christopher has a commanding presence on stage and finesses the crowd like no other.  Audiences of all ages are captivated and entertained.  Christopher is both talented and experienced to gauge his audiences’ needs and adapt his performance to suit the mood.  To every performance, he brings his lively personality, humorous demeanor, and organization.  Whether it is a stage show or walk-around entertainer, Christopher never fails to deliver top results.

Drama and circus school trained, Christopher has performed on 4 continents in 3 different languages from corporate to carnival, theater to film.  He has appeared for such diverse clients as the BBC, The Lord Mayor of Sydney, Australia, and the President of Venezuela.

 For More Information               Watch Christopher Yates’ Video Demonstrations

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