Franklin Haynes Marionettes

Franklin Haynes Marionettes

Marionette puppetry is a rare art, yet Franklin Haynes Marionettes celebrates thirty years of pulling heartstrings.   We have over two-hundred professional handcrafted marionettes. We have thirteen different shows, so you will get a new and different experience each time we come out to you. Programs ideal for:

  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • Elementary School Shows
  • City and Community Events

We are a self-contained, “one man” traveling show that comes to your location.

Our colorful, interactive, and child friendly marionette puppets stand about 18-20 inches tall and perform right out in front of the audience.  The children delight at the puppets’ animated moving eyes, mouths and eyebrows.

The shows are well maintained. We are well known for our fresh and colorful characters and beautiful stage curtains. All costumes are bright, clean, and professionally designed and constructed by a former Disney designer.

All of our exciting marionette shows run a standard half hour and contain between eight and ten large marionettes.

We also offer special extension workshops that last longer! This fifteen minute educational puppet workshop extension that follows the puppet show is great for school and library shows and is fun for birthday parties, too, especially if you want to keep the birthday guests engaged in fun learning activities.  The show plus the workshop extension will last forty-five minutes!

During the puppet workshop the children will explore, on their age appropriate level, the wondrous art of marionette puppetry.  A collection of puppets from AROUND THE WORLD will be shared and touched.  It’s a perfect tie-in for multicultural or International Day celebrations.  Kids will see the five main genres of puppet types: hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets, sock puppets, finger puppets, and of course marionettes!

For school and library shows, reading, language arts, literacy, and writing, are put in play when, at the conclusion of the educational workshop, the children are read a classic story book.  After the story, all audience members will receive materials to take home to make their own hand puppets from the

For school shows, teachers are encouraged to make the puppets with the kids in the classroom.  The children are encouraged to perform their own show, and write their own scripts with their puppets.

For More Information               Watch Franklin Haynes Marionettes’ Video Demonstrations


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