Michael Rayner

Michael Rayner is not your average juggler.  In fact, his show has been described as “preposterous brilliance” and “whacky jugglement,” a combination of hilarious tricks and stunts with uproarious stand-up and a bounty of improvised fun and zingers.  Programs available for:

  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • City and Community Events

You’re never sure what’s coming next! Have you ever seen someone balance a wheelbarrow on his chin?  Well, Michael can.  He can juggle the most interesting and amazing things. His signature trick is spinning a McDonald’s cheeseburger on an umbrella which garnered him an appearance on The David Letterman Show. Other TV appearances include Sesame Street, The Extreme Gong Show, Thirty Seconds to Fame, Attack of the Show, and various local TV shows.   He is a favorite of Nickelodeon Television having performed his antics on What Would You Do? and Nick Arcade.  For an outrageous comedy juggling show, you can’t find anyone better than Michael Rayner.  Perfect for children and family audiences, city and community events, schools and family fun nights – you name it – Michael will probably juggle it.


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