Georgette Baker

Georgette Baker’s high-energy form of storytelling and sing-along songs will engage and captivate any audience.  Her silliness is contagious as she invites everyone to interact – both on and off the stage – join in dancing, playing instruments or to guide the audience through the movements of the story being told. Her bilingual pograms are ideal for:

  • Library Summer Reading 2017: Grandma G’s Musical Architectural Adventure”  Using large architectural replicas of pieces of famous building, Grandma G has children clamoring to delve into their imaginations as stories and songs are used to inspire their  construction.
  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows
  • Elementary School Assemblies
  • City and Community Events

A certified teacher, world-traveler, and author, Georgette Baker has performed on TV (Mr. Piggley’s Playhouse and Los Niños en su Casa), movies, and has been performing for over 15 years.  A speaker of five languages (English, Spanish, French, Greek and Italian), with a passion for the unusual, Georgette has amassed a collection of artifacts and legends from her distant travels which she shares and allows everyone to enjoy.

Some of Georgette’s themed programs include:

South American Adventure – An interactive, musical, and multicultural storytelling adventure where audiences experience the geography, music, cultures, legends, and languages south of the USA.

Holidays from Around the World – Customs, songs, and stories from different celebrated holidays during the month of December are part of this lively program.

Preschool Fun – is designed for young children to be introduced to sing-along Spanish songs, instruments, and artifacts from South America and Mexico.

Silly Songs and Goofy Stories – High energy and laughter make this program a fun-filled time of zany, wacky wonderfulness!

Where in the World Have I Wandered? – An engaging and participatory walk around the world through songs and stories that amuse and entertain.  The use of a variety of instruments and an eclectic array of worldly tales and artifacts will have everyone wondering where they can wander.

Dia de Los Muertos – Dia de Los Muertos is about the celebration of life, which surrounds this special holiday with stories, songs, interactive instruments, and the building of a memorial altar.

Dia de Los Niños – This bilingual program with fun stories and songs reinforce the joy and pleasure of reading.

Cinco de Mayo Hispanic Heritage  – Georgette outlines the significance of Cinco de Mayo through song and story.


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