Sarah Woloski

puppet making workshops

Workshop of Imagination: The Art of Puppets and Performance

Sarah Woloski’s comprehensive workshop teaches about all kinds of puppets, from hand and  marionettes to movie-magic creations.  Each child gets their own station and materials to make puppets.  Kids are taught to give their characters names and personalities, bringing them to life.  They have a chance to perform a short skit with their creation in our puppet theater.  Good for up to 35 kids

  • Summer Reading Program for 2017: “Build a Story” – Kids love stories!  But do they know why they love them? In the Workshop of Imagination, kids learn about story and structure.  Then, they use their imaginations to design a puppet character and create a story using all the elements they just learned.  As a bonus, the kids act out their own story in our puppet theater.
  • Library Shows
  • Preschool Shows

For More Information          Watch Sarah Woloski Video Demonstration

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