Omnipresent Puppet Theater

Enjoy a variety of program from this hand-and-rod theater program that have performed across the US in theaters, libraries and schools for years.  Bring one of their fun and adventurous programs to your school!

Our puppet show performances provide an unforgettable introduction for children to the magical art of puppetry with talk-backs and study guides that prepare kids for the show and meet educational content standards for the Literature and Visual and Performing Arts.  Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks Beyond The Heap: A Trash To Treasure Tale, Jack and the Beanstock, Little Red Ridinghood, Three Little Pigs, Fisherman’s Wife, Hansel and Gretel, Anansi’s Rainbow, Holiday Classic, Frankenstein’s Baby are just some of the delightful puppet shows that are available.

More Information       Omnipresent Puppet Theater’s Videos

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